Jueves, 27 de Febrero del 2020
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  • 500 gramos de Bofe de res
  • 4 dientes de ajos
  • 4 cucharadas de aceite
  • 20 gramos de ají amarillo molido
  • Ají panca,
  • hierba buena
  • 2 tazas de caldo de res.


  • Sancochar el bofe en agua con sal durante 25 minutos, colar y cortar en cuadritos el bofe.
  • Lavar y pelar las papas, cortar en cuadritos pequeños, luego sancocharlos en agua y sal
  • Hacer un aderezo con la cebolla roja finamente picada junto con los ajos, sal, pimienta y cominos, agregar el ají amarillo y dejar que seque en seguida el ají panca, luego cocinar por cinco minutos, incorporar el bofe y las papas, verter el caldo y la rama de hierbabuena.
  • Cocinar a fuego lento durante 10 minutos
  • Servir acompañado de arroz blanco.



    Comentarios (3)

    7 julio 2014 | 04:28:04 pm
    This marvelous Hispanic repice is cooked everywhere in the Americas, especially in rural communities. And is very healthy, with lots of potassium. I enjoy this dish with green bananas and also with almost ripe, but not quite sweet, bananas, which I call platanos pintones. The only difference in the way a cook it is, that I cut the bananas, from the beginning, in one inch rounds to boil. And make sure they cook al dente. Because of my special diet I can’t use too much salt. So instead of the cod fish salad, I use Spanish bonito which looks like tuna but taste better, I think. It comes from Spain, in a can, marinated with olive oil or tomato sauce which I buy in local markets in the USA. I have bought this product in American markets in Boston, Miami, New York and California. But you can get bonito anywhere in the USA, even Alaska.Thank you for your wonderful site.
    7 julio 2014 | 03:44:19 am
    Here’s a joke your little guy is sure to love. My 6yo is famuos for making up jokes that make no sense. This is the only one he knows that sort of works.Why did the birdie cross the kitchen.Tweet. Tweet.At this point, my 9yo will correct his younger brother in that all-knowing way that older brothers have.It’s to-eat, to-eat, Connor.
    7 julio 2014 | 04:59:47 am
    I miss those little kid jokes…maybe the three year old will start that up again soon. SO funny!Love the donoupwst definition – quite a thinker you got there!Hope your year schoolyear kicks off well!
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